VAS Platform:
SMS Gateways:

The SMS gateway from mobiscreen enables multiple connectivity between mobile networks and IP-based applications. It can be the backbone of SMS aggregation business and be a flexible platform for sourcing for SMS service providers.

The SMS gateway provides multiple interfaces

  • SMPP
  • HTTP
  • Web services - SOAP
  • SMTP
USSD Gateway:
SS7 USSD Center - Service and Gateway

The Unrestricted Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is used by the mobile interaction business to send text between a mobile phone and an application program interacting promptly with end-user. USSD transactions only take place while mobile phones are turned on. USSD messages travel over SS7 signaling channels, providing a fast way for customer connections and data transfer. USSD transactions respond in less than a second.

The solution is suitable for

WAP Gateway:

WAP Gateway for Carriers is the perfect solution to address the unique needs of the growing wireless ISP market. The WAP Gateway incorporates much of the functionality of the Enterprise WAP Server, including support for WML scripting, HTTP cookies, and data encryption using WTLS, as well as it’s scalability to hundreds of thousands of users. In addition, support for WAP advertising gives wireless ISPs an immediate way to generate revenue and promote other content.

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Location based services:

Location Identifier is a highly robust, scalable and reliable platform that determines the location of the subscribers in an operator’s network. The platform database is highly flexible and accommodates latitude/longitude resolution, if the infrastructure is available in the network. Once the service is launched, operators should consider the provision of services that can be accessed and used by customers of other networks in the same market. By doing this, operators can increase the chances of LBS becoming a mass-market services rather than remaining a niche product.

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3G Gateway: