Salient Features

Tap2Call turns Web Visitors into Sales Leads, by making it simple for customers to ‘Call us Now FREE'. Our Tap2Call service will help you reduce website abandonment, increase lead conversion and improve online marketing analytics. Instead of calling into a number the website customer gets a call on his number of choice instantly, this way there is a better chance of the lead being successfully closed.Our Tech Support provides you customized APIs and help to Integrate Click to Call Solution into your Web Portal. Link goes live and your Support Center is ready to receive Calls.

Key Benefits

No Capital Investment : We host the Hardware, Software and connectivity at our Premise which saves you from Setup cost and offer a 24 X 7 running, highly scalable and professionally managed Solution.

Use PSTN (E1 Lines)

Better quality & connectivityWe believe that every Call comes as an opportunity and make sure that you get best of voice quality and lowest connection time.

Flexibility :

Enjoy the flexibility of System. You decide if System calls you first or your web visitor, play your own Voice Prompts or even Ad Jingles while Calls are being connected. Ask to Leave a Voicemail if your Lines are busy or let our system retry for specified period.

Call Recording

Keep an eye!On the fly Voice Logger records the conversation and deliver it for your quality assurance purpose