Voice Portal
Salient Features
  • Dynamic : Our Voice Portal is synonymous with entertainment. There is a wide array of the most entertaining and relevant applications available to users. The order of applications on the menu is dynamically decided based on factors like region and user preference.
  • Variety of Content: “Content is King”: To maintain freshness in the portals, Mobiscreen constantly updates all the voice portals with latest, enticing and relevant content.
  • Regional flavor: All Mobiscreen Voice Portals carry a distinct regional flavor customized according to each region it operates in. It caters to wonderfully diverse cultures and can be customized according to the unique quality possessed by each culture.
  • Ease of Navigation: Mobiscreen Voice Portals are designed to simplify the browsing experience for the user. While designing the user interface, the focus is on enabling an user to access the desired application/content as swiftly and quickly as possible
Applications available on Voice Portal: