• We are-

    Mobi Screen Pvt. Limited is a young, dynamic, energetic company that has a multi skilled team in the mobile VAS space, focused on developing and deploying VAS solutions, platforms and applications for organizations across the globe. We specialize in end-to-end enabling of solutions with managed services. By bringing together content, technology and device expertise, we ensure an enhanced digital experience to customers of telcos, enterprises and media houses.

    ‘The mobility and portability of media or as “the media-in-motion business” has been a process in the works ever since the “first time someone thought to write on a tablet that could be lifted and hauled – rather than on a cave wall, a cliff face, a monument that usually was stuck in place, more or less forever”…’- definition of Mobile Media on Wikipedia.

    We want to play our part in catering to this even increasing ‘day now’ mobile customer with more media, more mobility specific content and more ease with the access modes via our delivery platforms.

    A company focused on global knowledge, local Impact.

    With a big vision, a drive to add hugely to the industry, an ambition to never stop taking their team to the next level, creating end customer’s delight, self-directed learning, originality and stakeholder’s satisfaction are what we hold up.

  • Vision, Mission and Values

    Our Vision

    To create world class platforms that transform lives

    Our Mission

    We will continuously delight our customers in current and new businesses by delivering superior value through enhanced offerings on the internet and other platforms. We will do this by preserving our entrepreneurial spirit and leveraging our financial strength and expertise in building brands, communities, product and technology; sales and service.

    Mobiscreen is a leading provider of Value added Services focussing on VAS platforms, Live Services, SDP and focusing on a variety of enterprise applicatons on telecom domain.

    Our Values

    • Customer Delight
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Knowledge
    • Results
    • Trust
  • Products

    VASPlatform Social Networking

    Voice Portal Mobile Apps

    Social Networking
    Voice Chat
    • Mobile Voice Chat is an exciting adaptation of Internet based Chat.
    • Allows subscribers to create their own profiles, specify a partner profile, surf through profiles and be able to talk to desired profile one to one anonymously.
    • A hugely successful VAS product catering to the entire mass
    • Doing millions of minutes every month with over and high ARPU with 5 Million registered subscribers.
    • Ease of use as it requires no keywords/ processes. Just need to dial a number.
    • Available seamlessly over Voice, SMS and WAP it provides subscribers a choice of media at various stages with complete porting of database and flexibility in the hands of subscriber to swap from one to another medium for convenience at will.
    • Makes it convenient as different stages are more convenient/ pleasurable on voice/ sms.
    • A youth centric service popular across Metros/ Urban and semi-urban and rural terrain.
  • Our Partners

  • Enterprise

    tap2call erec


    oem crm

    OEM Integrations

    Mobile Handset manufacturers are facing a certain extent of challenges in fragmentation of mobile content distribution. We, at Mobiscreen are capable of providing a robust and strong connection expertise and infrastructure, applications are strategically distributed to the appropriate markets that achieve profit maximization. We not only can provide an Mobile Store but also a variety of preloaded applications ranging from Astrology to Music to Chat and from variety of zones like Entertainment, Fun zone, Devotional .On top of that, we also safeguard your copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights in the marketplaces..

    We have developed a wide range of innovative, original titles utilizing the platforms currently available for mobile phones, including J2ME, Symbian, iPhone, Android and MRE. Our application, game, wallpaper and screensaver are made to serve global or specific markets. From design to development and quality control, we pay attention to the detail. Our applications are shipped with most new low end phones from basic phones to as smart as a smart phone. This allows our partners to concentrate on their core business of handset sales whilst we provide the best value added service to their end consumers. We also provide Preloaded Solutions which are customized for handset brands and ODMs based on their market strategies however they are not restricted to the device limitations. Our vision in this area is simple - focus on offering innovative and differentiated solutions to the global wireless market through OEMs and ODMs.

  • Management Team

    Pankaj Mohindroo


    Col. Bakshi


    D R Sriram

    (GM - Technology)

    Gopi Naniyil

    (GM - Content & Ops)

  • Contact Information

    We are available 9AM-7PM, Mon-Fri. We will call back if you don't catch us live

    Mailing Address

    Mobi Screen Pvt. Ltd.
    Vishal House, 136A
    Zamrudpur, Opp LSR college
    New Delhi 110048

    Phone: 011-29239900
    Email: vas@mobiscreen.in